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NYAF/ NYCC last time a cautionary tail

I am actually going to write about this con sooner, rather than later so here goes nothing. As I'm sure you have all heard this con was a lagistical nightmare! More so then it has ever been. I have attended NYAF for the last 3 years and this year will be my last time attending this convention. To be honest they couldn’t pay me or Cassy a bagillion dollars to ever go again.

I will start by taking you all back to the beginning of this whole mess, especially since I know a few of you want to compete next year. I It is not worth all the mess that we had to go through.

Okay! So back in November at Anime Usa 2009 Cass and I competed and won the north east preliminary for the Yume Cup. After winning we immidiately went to try to get details from NYAf so we could get everything organized and not last minute, which it ended up being. We asked very simple questions; Who needs to book the room? How are we traveling and who is paying for it? When do we need to be at the convention? What are the rules? etc. All very simple questions that only take a few minutes to answer, but NO! They did not respond to either AnimeUSA or us until late July. May I remind you that that is only 4 months before the convention!

So by this point we get enough information to book our hotel room, but all of the hotels by the Javits center and most of Manhatten are booked solid! All of which could have been avoided with some simple communication. So thankfully, we were able to book a hotel close enough to the convention at an insane price, which meant instead of a three night stay we only have enough money for a two night stay. Yay communication!

I would also like to at this point mention the people over at REED. The ones that run  the convention. You need to get your act together about how to handle your preliminary winners. We must have personally gone through no less then 100 emails and shuffled around between 4 different people, 5 including the travel person. And we called our AnimeUSA representative to help hound NYAF to get any answers. Our train tickets were finally booked only 2 weeks before NYAF!

Leaving out a few details, this was almost a whole year of dealing with frustrating emails and confusion that no one in the staffing department of NYAF knew any answers to. Ridiculous!

Oh and another thing! Right before we booked our train tickets NYAF decided to send out an email stating that we have to be at the convention Friday morning between 9am and 11am for check in. Which was supposed to be directly followd by skit rehearsal. You heard me correctly! Skit rehearsal on Friday morning! With no costumes! So if you needed to practice on the stage with I don’t know, giant wings, you were shit out of luck. Here is where I would like to point out that NYAF has never had this issue before, but because people keep coming up with ideas that will ‘ make it run smoother’ it always makes it worse!

So after magical fairies pooped some rainbows and butterflies we got on our train at 7 in the morning, which meant a wake up call at 4:30 Friday morning! I have to admit the train was the best part of this whole debacle! We had to drop our stuff off at the hotel and then march over the Javits center to check in and do our stage rehearsal. After that we enjoyed the rest of our day running around in fun lucky star uniforms like a bunch of nerds! And had so much more fun then we’ve had in a LONG time. Though the con was over run by 130,000 people. It was obvious that NYCC crushed NYAF to an after thought, and it became increasingly more obvious as the weekend rolled on.

Saturday came, we got up, did make-up, packed a suitcase for our costumes, and went to the Javits center which was already packed at 10 in the morning. We had to call Kahil, the HEAD of masquerade 3 times to find out where the changing rooms were. Another detail that was left out. We slowly met up with the other competing teams as everyone slowly came to the rooms as it was the only space that you could move in. Every one of the other teams were amazing and so much fun to be with, which was a good thing since it seemed NYAF had just dumped us all in a corner to figure out things for ourselves.

Cass and I left for barely two hours before we returned to the changing rooms to escape the crowds.

So after witting around for about 5 hours apparently I became the designated organizer of the people in the masquerade. WTF!? Kahil and I were calling each other constantly so I could relay the information for the other competitors. ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!! He even called to ask me where all the teams were. Thank god everyone just said screw it and just stayed in the changing rooms. And then having to explain everyone what was going on. This was incredibly stressful especially when I had my own skit to be preparing and readying for. But I really dind’t want anyone to freak out about the disorganization going on, so I tried to help as much as I could in big ass wings.

So eventually we made it down to the loading dock, not a green room or anything, the loading dock, with some help from Anna. Once backstage I asked another simple question, "What order are we going in?" And of course no one knew. No one had any freaking idea. They had no chairs, no water, and no answers for these simple and yet important facts. Oh and I forgot to mention THEY LOST AND OR COULDN'T FIND ANY OF THE JUDGES!!!!!!!!! Are you freaking kidding me! I had staffers asking ME if I knew where the judges were. What a mess! Luckily my dearest animeangel  stepped in along with Karl and one staffer who had tried to help us out with answers before, and figured out our order and everything10 minutes before the show was supposed to even start. And she wasn't even there working for NYAF. This was the most frustrating, poorly ran, unorganized masquerade I have ever seen.

As I said before Cass and I will NOT be going back for this con. It is a hassle to get there and every year I think it will get better, surely they will learn from past years mistakes. No, it has been three years and that is enough for me.

 Oh and here is a kinda picture preview of the costume I wore

Sorry for the rant LJ land it's just it has been three years and this year was by far the worst! And I didn't want to sit back and watch this happen again to any of my friends who are thinking of competing for the Yume cup this year. I hate having to write negative feedback about things because I certainly prefer to stick to my rainbows and sunshines, but I just had to tell you all.

Last but not least CONGRATULATIONS to Jenny and Beauty!!!! Your Zelda costumes were gorgeous and it was so nice meeting and hanging out with you guys!

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